As a counsellor:

Many people reach a time in their lives when they feel at a crossroads, where their lives are somehow stuck as a result of old unconscious patterns that invite them to persist along well-trodden paths.

Counselling unlocks the reasons for some of these habits (thought processes, feelings and behavioral) and frees the individual to make life enhancing choices following a compassionate enquiry into why they have limited themselves. 

This can involve some personal archeology and emotional release which enables the individual to make sense of their original choices and understanding and grow into a more robust and resourced state. From this follows the ability to live mindfully, to make more informed choices regarding future goals and vision and to attend to the important values, relationships and ambitions in their lives.

It is a wonderful opportunity to finally come to terms with hurts and shocks, bereavement of all kinds, and challenges rooted in both work and personal life, enabling a person to see new horizons and purpose.

As with psychotherapy there are a range of approaches available.

The areas covered are:

  • Dealing with loss
  • Professional/personal distress during profound change
  • Burnout
  • Living with someone with dementia
  • Managing children and reconstituted families
  • Managing yourself in relation to your boss
  • Any life event that changes your relationship to yourself and the world around you